Talent Pool Engagement

Uncover new candidates by tapping into your existing talent pool at scale and lower your sourcing costs by 20%

Do you struggle with:
  • Not enough qualified candidates – employers can no longer just depend on inbound through job boards or career website, they need to uncover new applicant sources
  • Aged or incomplete talent profiles – lack of up-to-date engagement results in outdated resumes and profiles, making outreach when opportunities arises unproductive
  • Nurturing the talent community – manual efforts to find a “needle in the haystack” would outweigh the cost over benefits

AllyO can help employers use interactive, natural language and multi channel engagement to cost-effectively:

  • Engage with your talent communities – run nurturing drip campaigns to generate interest
  • Enrich profiles – gather latest or missing profile information to keep the database up to date
  • Determine job seeker interest to uncover candidates – proactively contact the job seeker with best-fit opportunities to determine interest and enter into the recruiting process

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